TOYOTA, Aichi Prefecture–Do androids dream of electric sheep? Perhaps some do, but in Kengoro’s case the dream is to become a chauffeur, and so the humanoid robot is learning to drive in this most fitting of cities.
Artificial intelligence-based Kengoro is practicing the skill with the aim of becoming able to not only drive its owners home, but also to provide assistance for elderly people and people with disabilities.
The robotic motorist uses technology being developed by the Johou Systems Kougaku (JSK) Laboratory of the University of Tokyo’s graduate school, while the Toyota city government is providing two public sites for Kengoro’s training.
Masayuki Inaba, a robotics professor at the laboratory, said Kengoro may one day serve as a chauffeur and helper for disabled and elderly individuals.
“It takes a month even for a human to become able to drive a car,” Inaba said. “The success of the experiment could lead to the development …