reporter Benedict Brook has explained the next steps, how same-sex marriage will eventually become law, how long it could take, and the roadblocks that might arise.
Bill Shorten: ‘Tomorrow we legislate’
“Yes, yes, yes”, Mr Shorten screamed to the crowd gathered to hear the result of the same-sex marriage survey in Melbourne.
“It may have been 61 per cent who voted yes in the survey, but I want to say to all LGBTIQ Australians you are 100 per cent loved, 100 per cent valued, and after the next two weeks of Parliament, 100 per cent able to marry the person that you love.
Of the eligible Australians who voted, 61.6 per cent (7,817,247) voted Yes to changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry.
All states and territories returned a majority Yes result. In NSW, 58 per cent voted Yes. In Queensland, 61 per cent voted Yes. In South Australia it was 62 …