KUSA – Rarely is RTD’s Peoria Station in Aurora populated with stragglers. 
It’s busy, full of shuffling feet transferring light rail lines to and from work.
On Monday, there was an exception as at least one man wasn’t coming or going.
He was staying, asking people one simple question.
“Have you seen the young man who saved my life last Thursday?”  Mike Wyatt of Aurora asked. 
Wyatt is in his 60s. He’s blind, but has the spirit and heart of a man who has seen all the good in the world.
“I am so stoked right now thinking that guy is going to come down that ramp [from the platform],” he said with an anticipatory look on his face.
Wyatt doesn’t know the man he is looking for. He doesn’t know his name, his height, or when he usually takes the train. All Wyatt knows is the man pulled him off the RTD tracks when a train …