For the first time in Canada, a team of surgeons has successfully performed in-utero surgery to repair a form of spina bifida, two Toronto hospitals say.  
On Monday morning, Mount Sinai Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) introduced baby Eiko, now almost three months old, and her parents at a news conference in Toronto. 
Eiko’s parents, Romeo Crisostomo and Romeila Son, learned their baby had spina bifida at their 20-week ultrasound. 
“Usually that’s that time when you find out the gender,” Son told reporters on Monday. “We were very excited to finally have a girl after having four boys.”
But they were “devastated” to find out that their daughter would be born with a form of spina bifida called myelomeningocele, and would likely suffer brain damage and be in a wheelchair, she said. Son was especially worried her daughter would be in pain and exposed to repeated surgeries during her life.   
Myelomeningocele affects about 120 to 150 babies in Canada every year, and occurs when …