In our current culture, millennials move from job to job in order to climb the ladder. The average time spent at a company is just two years. For baby boomers and other generations, this has not been the norm. Loyalty and dedication to a single company or career drove, and still drives, much of their working lives. AOL’s original series Lifers  features these dedicated, loyal workers who have been in their jobs for years and years. Will they retire? Are they prepared to?
Fred Vautour, 63, of Waltham, Mass., grew up in a broken home and without a lot of support, and his childhood experiences drove his choices later in life: He knew that he wanted to work “not just for the money but because you want to be your best at what you do.”
Vautour ultimately took a job at Boston College as a janitor on the overnight shift. All five of his children went on …