LAHORE: A young man who ruined the life of his ex-fiancée in a revengeful acid attack was awarded a collective imprisonment of 60 years in a ruling announced by an antiterrorism court here on Wednesday.
Asmatullah had thrown acid on the girl after she rejected his marriage proposal in a horrific incident in September in Lahore’s Defence area. The police had arrested the culprit from his hometown of Bhakkar where he had taken refuge at an outhouse of a local politician. The police had registered the case against Asmatullah on terrorism charges in addition to some sections of the Pakistan Penal Code. 
The trial court’s judge, Sajjad Ahmad, also imposed a fine of Rs3.9 million on the convict which will be paid to the victim as compensation. The man had been sentenced to 25 years in jail on two counts under Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, while another 10 years under Section 324 of …