The parents of a severely autistic teenager have praised “the kindness of complete strangers” after a social media campaign helped them find a discontinued Postman Pat video to give him as a Christmas present.
James and Cindy Dutton took to Twitter to hunt down a rare Postman Pat VHS tape after their 19-year old son Thomas, who suffers from severe autism asked for it for Christmas.
Mr Dutton had hoped that the people of Twitter could help unearth a copy of the video.
After posting the message on Sunday, Mr Dutton’s tweet received 7,500 retweets.
It post read: “Does anyone have or know of anyone who may still have this VHS?”
The Twitter campaign was given a boost when it caught the eye of Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole who retweeted it to his 176,000 followers.
Eventually someone revealed that they had a copy of the tape.
Mr Dutton took to Twitter one again to express his gratitude.
Thomas’ …