SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) – A dramatic weight loss accomplished by a local teacher has created a dramatic health crisis.
Stanley Hollar can no longer walk.
Now, friends are hoping his story inspires Hoosiers to help Stanley walk again.
Just watching the 42-year-old work out at Anytime Fitness in Shelbyville is inspiring.
“Not many people are as dedicated as Stan,” his trainer Doug Sparks said.
Whatever workout Sparks prepares for him, Hollar tries to double. The way he pushes himself to the limit, you’d never know just how much this substitute teacher has lost.
Stanley, who loves sports and socializing, spent most of his life on the sidelines.
“Life was a spectator sport,” Hollar said. “I wasn’t in the game.”
His body stretching bigger than his personality, year after year.
“I was always the biggest guy in the room,” Hollar explained. “In kindergarten I was over 100 pounds. At my high point, in February 2015, I was 678 pounds. I …