West Des Moines has paid $450,000 to a man who spent 11 days in jail charged for a sex abuse crime that he did not commit. 
The city reached a settlement with Matthew Rodrigues, his fiancee, Anna Reynolds, and their twin 4-year-old daughters in August. 
As part of the agreement, the city provided a statement that said Rodrigues was arrested “due to a case of mistaken identity.” 
Rodrigues was released from jail May 9 when new evidence showed he was not the assailant who pinned a woman to her bed April 29 at Motel 6 in West Des Moines and sexually assaulted her.
On the same day Rodrigues was released, Salvador Junior Pineda was arrested and charged with the crime.
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Pineda pleaded guilty July 28 to third-degree burglary and assault with intent to commit sex abuse. He was sentenced to seven years in prison.
Rodrigues, who is …