Think about this: providing enough meat to make more than half a million meals for people in need. That’s over 100,000 pounds of meat, and much of it is venison.
That’s the remarkable result of of Tom Cullimore’s work through his effort called HOPE: Help Other People Eat. 
Tom founded HOPE in 2004, inspiring hunters to donate their venison and other meat to shelters in the Lansing area.
“At that time in my life, in the area around here, there was a big, big hole for meat for the hungry,” Cullimore said. “You could get all kinds of cereals and stuff, but you’ve got to have some protein, you’ve got to have some meat in your life.”
After all these years of donated meals, Tom has announced he’s retiring this year.
Tom Cullimore, founder of HOPE, and Mark Criss, director of the City Rescue Mission in Lansing, joined Stateside today.
“Prior to Tom’s …