Cody Hall was born with a severe facial deformity, thought to be a haemangioma, that was so large it distorted the left side of her face and doctors told her distraught family there was nothing they could do until she was six.
Now 25, Hall, who’s from Northamptonshire in England, is married — and did so with a big smile on her face. But it took a long time to get to her “happy ending.”
Refusing to take no for an answer from doctors who said there was nothing they could do, her parents researched their daughter’s condition before discovering a surgeon in the United States who operated on children with severe facial deformities.
After launching an appeal, which raised about $303,462, Hall was sent to Roosevelt Hospital in New York for her first treatment in 1993, when she was just one-year-old.
Hall went on to have a further 18 operations over the next 14 …