A baby’s first cry, is the happiest moment for most expecting parents.
But not all pregnancies go according to plan.
For Ben and Estefanie Dela Cruz, their due date came sooner than expected.
“It was actually the Saturday after Thanksgiving, she was going to go to a wedding so I came home to bring her to the wedding and she was crying in the car cause she started to feel pain,” Ben said. 
“And that’s when everything happened,” Estefanie said.
At only 24 weeks into her pregnancy, Dela Cruz gave birth to a baby girl. 
Born premature, Bethanie Grace Dela Cruz measured just a little over 12 inches in length and weighed 1 pound 10 ounces.
“I remember when she came out, there were like nine doctors around her trying to help her breathe, the first thing we asked was is Bethanie going to make it,” Ben said. 
Bethanie’s early arrival landed her a 200-day stay in the …