11/17/2017-Springfield,MA Some of the dogs that were alleged to have been abused in Holyoke, are seen at the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center where they are recuperating. Detectives from the Holyoke Police Criminal Investigations Bureau have arrested Julio Rivera, age 49, of Holyoke in connection with the ÒAnimal CrueltyÓ case at # 81 Newton Street, Holyoke.dogs discovered in that apartment on 11/16/2017. One of the dogs was deceased and the remainder are now being treated and cared for at The ÒThomas J. OÕConnerÓ (TJO) Animal Shelter. Rivera will be arraigned on Monday, 11/20/2017, in Holyoke District Court. Photo courtesy of Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center Staff

More than a dozen dogs rescued from a squalid house in Holyoke are being nursed back to health by bighearted staffers at a nearby adoption center as the man who left them to live in their own filth is behind bars on animal cruelty charges, police said.
“All of them were living in squalor. We don’t know how much food or water they had. When we were there, there was none available,” said Pam Peebles, executive director of the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center in Springfield, which took in 14 dogs rescued Thursday from a foul Newton Street apartment. Unfortunately, she said, one dog discovered by police was already dead.
“We were told the owner was sneaking into the house to see them when he could,” Peebles told the Herald. “It was like survival of the fittest. … Four of the dogs, weight-wise, their physical body …