Around 8 am on July 19, 2012, Anand Bora received a phone call saying a leopard was trapped in a well in a nearby tribal village in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.
Mr Bora was used to these phone calls – a teacher by profession, he is also a wildlife photographer who has documented several rescue missions carried out by forest officers.
He rushed to the village, Bubali, and photographed the three-and-half-hour long effort to save the tired and terrified animal from drowning.
One of those photos, where the leopard looks up at its rescuers mid-way through the effort, won a prominent wildlife photography award in India last week, prompting questions about the story behind the image.
The five-year-old image stands out now amid rising incidents of animal-human conflict in India.
“When it looked up, it seemed to sense that we wouldn’t hurt it, that we were trying to …