Félicette, the first cat to fly into space in October 1963, is seen her carrier pre-flight. A crowdfunded campaign will erect a memorial to honor the Félicette in her hometown of Paris, France. (CNES)
Nov. 17, 2017
— The first cat to launch into space and live to meow about it is getting her own monument — thanks to the crowdfunded support of more than 1,100 of her fans.
A campaign on the Kickstarter website on Friday (Nov. 17) successfully raised more than $57,000 to create “a proper memorial” for Félicette, a female black-and-white stray that lifted off on a French rocket for a sub-orbital spaceflight on Oct. 18, 1963. The funds will underwrite the sculpture and erection of a statue for Félicette in her home city of Paris.
“Although other animals in space — such as Laika the dog and Ham the chimpanzee — are well-known within popular culture and …