A group of recovering addicts is preparing to climb Mount Rainier and recently they got a hand with their training from a Seattle Seahawk.
The group is Union Gospel Mission’s ‘Team Mission.”  Their Seahawk helper is first-year linebacker Terence Garvin.
“I’m going to put them through the calisthenics, so we’re going to do like jumping jacks. I’m going to teach them how to stretch. I’m basically going to put them through the warm up that we do with the Seahawks,” Garvin said.
One of the athletes he helped is Tom Hunsaker. Hunsaker grew up in Western Washington and for years has battled addiction.
“I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I just end up going back to the drugs and alcohol every time, so I’m just here to get a firmer grip on consistency in life and just find a purpose,” Hunsaker said. “I’m just hoping to get back on track and stay on …