MORGANTOWN — The triggerman for West Virginia’s offense, Will Grier, is going to be confined to the sidelines Saturday, his mangled right throwing hand in a cast after undergoing surgery Sunday to repair a dislocated middle finger and a broken bone in his hand.
WASHINGTON — Tryptophan, an amino acid in turkey, is unjustly blamed for what mere gluttony does, making Americans comatose every fourth Thursday in November. But before nodding off, give thanks for another year of American hilarity, including:
CLARKSBURG — For nearly 40 years, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department has helped provide elementary school students with a merry Christmas and quality time with deputies.
“We like to see them happy. That’s our main goal,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Detective Rob Waybright.
Waybright has been in charge of the program for seven years but has been involved for 15. He said it’s a tradition in which active and retired deputies take …