Most people tend to slow down as they get older, but not Julia Hawkins. At the ripe old age of 100, the Baton Rouge centenarian decided to take up running for the first time in her life and now has a world record to show for her efforts! And while most seniors would be happy just to run for pleasure, or in order to add years to their lives, Hawkins, now 101, has a competitive streak.
In June 2017, Hawkins ran the 100-meter sprint in 39.62 seconds, earning a world record for her age group. A month later, she ran the same distance at the USA Track & Field Masters Outdoor Championships and clocked in at a slightly slower but still impressive 40.12.
She has even been dubbed “The Hurricane” by those who’ve seen her in action, because of her speed. What does she think of her new nickname? “I like the fact …