MIDDLETOWN, Del. — An inordinate number of citations were handed out by the Middletown Police Department this week and they were received with smiles of gratitude.
The police teamed up with RCCG Amazing Grace Chapel in Middletown to recognize random acts of kindness and people doing good things for their fellow man in an effort to shine a positive light on the community and law enforcement.
Organizer Frank Richardson thinks law enforcement officers across the country are getting a bum rap because of police shootings and racial tension that have made headlines the last couple of years.
Richardson and the pastors of the Middletown church wanted to put police back in a “good light” while at the same time reaching out to the community around the Thanksgiving holiday.
This week, that partnership was in full force as Middletown police officers handed out 15 “Caught You Being Good” citations when they saw individuals doing something positive.
In return, …