TOKYO — No medical drama is complete without a bold-yet-sensitive heartthrob doctor in a leading role. The incredible tale of a North Korean soldier’s escape across the demilitarized zone last week is no exception.
The McDreamy in this case is Lee Cook-jong, the trauma surgeon who has operated on the soldier several times and provided updates along the way — including a video showing Lee picking 10-inch-long parasitic worms out of the man’s intestines and his declaration Wednesday that the defector will survive.
“The patient is not going to die,” Lee told reporters at Ajou University Hospital south of Seoul, announcing that the man had regained consciousness and was stable.
Although he remains in the intensive care unit, he could be transferred to a general ward as soon as this weekend.
The 24-year-old North Korean soldier, who has been identified only by his surname, Oh, was shot five times as he made his brazen …