Earlier this month, Leona Rawlinson, the owner of a shop called Tweed Tastic on the Isle of Lewis (off the western coast of Scotland), received a strange package in the mail. It was a Bible along with a letter from Dan MacPhail, secretary of the Day One/Lord’s Day Observance Society.
He had a problem with the fact that Rawlinson, unlike other business owners on the island, kept her shop open on a Sunday (something she began doing this past summer due to increased demand). Good Christians didn’t work on the Sabbath, dammit, and maybe a Bible would steer Rawlinson in the right direction.
He wrote: “The purpose of our letter is certainly not to intimidate you into closing on Sunday… nor are we aware of any organised campaign in relation to this matter.
“However, it is a sincere and humble request that you consider closing the shop on the Lord’s Day.”
The letter adds: …