The Hansens did all of Leonard’s favorite things on the day they gave him away.
Leonard, usually a good boy, jumped onto a countertop during a game of chase. He’d never done it before, but it was OK this time. After more than a year with the Hansens in Salt Lake City, Utah, rules were lax for his last day.
“We got some really good pictures,” said Ronny Hansen, the family matriarch, who raised Leonard with her 18-year-old son, Mason. “We got a picture of Mason and Leonard, and Leonard’s licking Mason’s cheek, and it was really a sweet picture.”
Leonard is a black lab with a square head. Since he was a puppy, the Hansens raised him to eventually become a guide dog for people with visual impairments — all the while knowing one day they would have to give him away.
Every other Saturday, families travel to Boring, Oregon, to watch dogs like Leonard graduate. Boring is home to one of only two campuses nationwide …