November 24th, 2017 by Smiti 
As India retires some of its ageing thermal power plants, it continues to add solar power projects at a rapid pace, backed by a blitzkrieg of competitive auctions at the central as well as state government level.
The Indian government reported that in Q3 2017, the country’s coal-based power capacity shrunk by 1,126 megawatts while solar power capacity grew by 1,657 megawatts. Q3 2017 was the first quarter since at least Q2 2015 when the coal-based power generation capacity shrank. At the end of September 2017, India’s coal-based power capacity stood at 193.4 gigawatts, down from the all-time high of 195.6 gigawatts in May 2017.
The net capacity added in the coal sector this year stands at 4,459 megawatts at the end of September 2017, while the solar power capacity addition was at 5,759 megawatts, pushing the total solar power capacity to 14,772 megawatts.
Solar power …