Engagement photos are made to last forever – so when Makenzee Meaux prepared for hers, she made a dramatic decision.
“I realised it was time to release the burden, to show the real me,” 21-year-old Makenzee told the BBC.
She decided to be photographed without the wig she’s worn since her diagnosis aged eight of alopecia, which causes hair loss.
“What better way to celebrate engagement than to show our love and the support we’ve been given,” she told the BBC from her home in Texas.
Makenzee and fiancé Bryan met five years ago at high school.
Makenzee, who is a waitress and student, says that losing her hair “killed” her confidence and that she was bullied at school.
“I lost all hope that I could ever feel beautiful again, until I met Bryan,” she explained.
“He has shown me that the people who love you don’t care whether or not you have hair, and the ones …