Meeting needs is the goal of the Love A Michigan Vet project, whose founder, Nadine Jones, became a champion of change when she saw the unmet needs of local veterans.
Jones served two years with AmeriCorps, a domestic version of the Peace Corps, which engages adults in public service with the goal of helping others and meeting the urgent needs of communities.
As she worked with veterans as a resource navigator, helping them find and apply for benefits, she became aware of the great need for ongoing help for veterans, which inspired her to start a non-profit, the Love A Michigan Vet Project two years ago to continue the work she had begun through AmeriCorps. She applied for and was granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status.
Jones said the groups serves all of Michigan, but she hopes to expand and become a nationwide non-profit.
“So any veteran anywhere can contact me and I will help them,” …