The Lathrop, Calif. owner of a cat named Squishy is overjoyed after she got word that her pet was alive and well — despite being found miles and miles away on the streets of San Francisco.
Squishy was reunited with his owner last week because of the efforts of a feral rescue volunteer for the San Francisco SPCA. As the shelter tells SFGATE, volunteers regularly bring in feral cats to be spayed or neutered before being returned to their outdoor neighborhood.
This feral cat, however, was “very friendly,” as SF SPCA spokesperson Krista Maloney tells SFGATE. When he was scanned for a microchip — something else the shelter staffers check for — they found he had gone missing a month ago from his home in Lathrop, nearly 80 miles away.
“We found out this cat had been missing,” Maloney says, adding, “We have no idea how Squishy got to San Francisco.”
Maloney also notes …