On 19 September 2017, an injured sub-adult green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) was rescued at Koeberg Nature Reserve and quickly brought to the Two Oceans Aquarium’s sea turtle rehabilitation-and-release centre for veterinary treatment.
Endangered green turtles do not live on South African shores, so the fact that this one approached this close to Koeberg on the West Coast is an indication that something was wrong. Young turtles that drift away from their usual currents are unable to regulate their body temperature and are at risk of hypothermia. In her* weakened state, this turtle was pulled into a coolant intake pipe at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, where Eskom staff were able to detect and rescue her (Eskom employs dedicated nature conservationists at the Koeberg Nature Reserve).
Nanuk arrived at the Aquarium cold and dehydrated, but she was quick to regain her energy and appetite, soon swimming about in the small observation pool that she was placed in.
Unfortunately, it …