Four days and more than 2,000 miles with 18 dogs: A typically 35-hour drive turned into 50 because of potty breaks and walks.
Instead of spending Thanksgiving with family, Emily Basten and Lauren Barrios, co-founders of Texas charity Handme-Down Hounds, drove the pack from a shelter in San Antonio to PAWS in Lynnwood.
Dogs named Mister Bubbles, Serena, Jazzy G, Norman, Luna and 13 others were ready for adoption on Monday.
“They’re fun. They seem like very happy puppies, so I’m really glad we were able to take them in,” PAWS shelter manager Lisa Hockins said. She arranged the transfers.
Hockins says adoption rates in Texas have slowed as people continue to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. So the Pacific Northwest is responding.
“We have had some people come in looking for dogs from Texas. They might have originally been from Texas or they might have family there,” Hockins said.
“I just want to adopt him more,” …