It’s no secret that San Francisco BART stations have all the cleanliness of a used petri dish. The problem can be seen and sniffed at Civic Center, 24th Street, and 16th Street stations, just to name a few.
In fact, the situation has turned so dire that now two local politicians have taken it upon themselves to do a weekly cleaning of the 16th Street station.
Heather Knight’s (excellent) piece, which received heavy traction over the weekend, has the details:
[…] Every Wednesday morning, Bevan Dufty, a former supervisor and current member of the BART board, and Supervisor Hillary Ronen pull on blue latex gloves and grab brooms and dustpans to clean the grossness that pervades the street-level plazas at BART’s 16th Street Mission Station.
It doesn’t seem to be a publicity stunt—if it is, they’re very good actors. They’ve been there like clockwork for weeks, and I watched them one morning as …