The bond that one little girl formed with a fifth-year senior playing on Mississippi State’s football team is incredible. And to think that it all started on season ago with a simple hello.
Jesse Sloan has been attending Mississippi State football games since she was a baby. One day during the 2015-2016 season she waited after the games to give the players high fives, or “fives fives” as she calls them. One of the players gave her a high five, said she was cute, and then asked for a hug. The 3 year old happily gave him a hug.
“The love I have felt from Jesse Sloan and Donald Gray’s friendship is amazing,” DeLane Lewis Grogan, Jesse’s mother, wrote on Facebook.
Last season Jesse Sloan became Donald’s number one fan.
It didn’t take long for Jesse Sloan to crown Donald as her favorite person, and after every game she just had to see him.
“She …