On Monday night, the former Fremont resident drove all night from his home in Denver for a reunion with his beloved dog Sammy, who disappeared more than two years ago.
Johnson, who lived in Fremont from 2013-16, first got Sammy as a puppy four years ago. He already had a dog, Gunner, but another dog, Sasha, had died. That’s when a buddy brought Johnson a puppy from Lincoln.
Johnson, then living on an acreage north of U.S. Highway 30, looked outside and called for Sammy. He put up flyers and made Facebook posts. He searched cornfields and ditches, worried she may have been hit by a vehicle. He and friends looked for the missing dog.
He started getting reports of possible sightings in the Norfolk area via Facebook. He or a friend would go to a shelter in Norfolk only to discover the dog in question wasn’t Sammy.
“I was in my kitchen when …