A jury questionnaire, torn to shreds and taped back together, was sent to the Christian County Circuit Court a few weeks ago.
Attached was a note: “Sorry for the damage, the dog thought it was his.”
Upon receiving it, Deputy Court Clerk Michele Walker did something she’s never done before — she wrote a letter addressed to a dog.
The letter reads: 
“Dear Dog: Please thank your owners for returning the Jury Questionnaire that was addressed to William Wakefield. Also, please let them know we appreciate them taping it back together after you accidentally thought it was yours to have. We hope that you did not get into trouble for mistaking it as your own.”
Walker told the News-Leader seeing the note with the torn up questionnaire and the care the owners took to tape the document together “really made my day.”
“It was cute,” Walker said. “I was having a really bad day so it just really perked (me) up.”
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