Riverview teen Becca Schofield, who has terminal brain cancer, said it is the acts of kindness she sees every day that keep her going.
The 18-year-old and her #BeccaToldMeTo campaign, that asks people to perform good deeds and share them on social media, will be celebrated with the first annual Becca Schofield Day, proclaimed by the New Brunswick legislature in the Spring. 
?Schofield said knowing that the third Saturday of September has been set aside as a day to be kind to each other means a lot.
“To know that I get this day and it’s not just my day, it’s a day to celebrate the people that we can be and the people that we should be — it just warms my heart to know that we have a day like that where we can come together as a community.”
Schofield said seeing people share their random acts of kindness online is something she looks forward to every day, but especially on …