BRENTWOOD — It all started with a callous comment on Facebook.
Someone offended by a motor home that had been parked on the shoulder of Byron Highway for several days made a snap judgment about its owner, a remark that didn’t sit well with Pam Cambra-Sams.
“It’s up to us to stop bad behavior and be examples. There’s just no room for belittling anybody,”  the Brentwood resident said.
She challenged the man’s assumptions, but the post so rankled her that she got up early the next morning to check on the driver herself.
A middle-aged man came to the door, and when Cambra-Sams asked if he needed help, he told her the motor home — his only home — had broken down and he hadn’t been able to restart the engine.
“He was so uncomfortable to accept things from me,” she said, adding that Thanh, as he identified himself, was nonetheless appreciative and assured her that …