A 19-year-old from Carmichael is postponing his education to help his best friend complete a bucket list before it’s too late.
Dillon Hill, 19, and Chris Betancourt, 20, first became friends in 4th grade at Del Campo High School when they bonded over a shared love of video games.
A year later, Betancourt was diagnosed with chronic leukemia. To help get through it, Hill would visit Betancourt every day and play video games with him.
Now, roughly than 10 years later, Hill is still by his friend’s side.
In September, Betancourt’s cancer returned stronger than ever before. Doctors told him that unless he can find a bone marrow donor – specifically of Puerto Rican descent – he only has one or two years to live.
“I was pretty sad for the whole week hearing it…I was like crying for like a week straight,” Betancourt said. “But Dillon knew I was dealing with a lot. He …