The plane carrying the flag-draped casket of Marine PFC Donald Tolson was met by a family’s curious eyes.
Not a one in the group remembered him. They had never talked to him, heard him laugh or seen him smile.
But make no mistake, they knew him. From talk around the dinner table and stories on birthdays. Mainly, though, they knew him through his mother’s sadness.
Just 20 years old, he had been killed in action on a far-off island in 1943, his body lost in the messiness of war.
But recently — long after his mother, Roxy Ann Tolson, died in 1952 — the remains of her youngest son were found.
So on Friday, the family gathered on the tarmac at KCI and waited for Donald to come home. They huddled against a cool breeze and shielded their eyes from a bright sun. Some came from the roots in Grundy County, some from Kansas …