RICHMOND, Va. — Sometimes your future does not turn out to be exactly what you planned.
“I look in the mirror all the time, and if you would have told me 10 years ago that this would happen, I wouldn’t believe you,” Barry Farmer said. “I wished to be a father, but it wasn’t going to be this soon.”
Barry Farmer is a single dad, a very busy single dad.
How this Richmond Schools employee came to be a father to three young men began just over eight years ago, at age 21, when he got his foster care license and took in Jaxon.
“My oldest has been calling me Dad since the day I got him,” Farmer told WTVR. “And I really didn’t know how to respond to it, I was so young at the time, and I just said, OK, I guess we’re gonna’ do this. I guess this is the role …