SINGAPORE: She moves quickly and with assurance around her tiny stall: Kneading the yellow dough, adding a sprinkle of flour before passing it through a noodle-making machine. Once, twice, until a clump of hand-made noodles lands on the counter.
It is a flurry of activity for Mdm Vivian Leong, who is hard at work at her ban mian stall tucked away in a coffee shop at Holland Close. She keeps a watchful eye on the handmade noodles as they are dunked in boiling water, waiting until they are cooked to just the right texture before transferring them to a bowl and adding a dash of sauce, made from her mother’s traditional Hakka recipe. A handful of braised mushrooms, minced meat, blanched vegetables and a poached egg – if requested – are tossed in, and another hungry customer is served.  
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