Chi Chi, a rescue dog originally found nearly two years ago, left for dead in a dumpster in South Korea. The dog was adopted by an Arizona couple, who have since found prosthetics for all four of the dog's legs and who have helped get her certified as a therapy dog.

Wrapped inside a trash bag and left for dead inside a dumpster, with her bound legs raw and rotting away by the wires still wrapped around them, Chi Chi the golden retriever clung to life.
Thanks to two sets of rescuers — the animal workers who found her in South Korea and the Arizona family who adopted her shortly afterward — Chi Chi not only survived, but now inspires others with her spirit and strength.
Today, despite having all four limbs amputated above the paws, Chi Chi has no problem getting around her home or around town. Her new family has fitted her with prostheses, enabling her to travel around Phoenix to provide comfort each week as a therapy dog who works with veterans, physical rehab patients, people with Alzheimer’s disease and young children learning how to read.
“Her story is about resilience and overcoming life’s worst, and just never giving up,” said …