~ Pictured above: Professor John Boyle works with students in his field methods class dissecting the Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec language from the Mixteca region of southwestern Mexico with Constantina (Rosa) Leon, a consultant of the language.
~ By Lisa Maria Boyles, communications specialist for the College of Arts and Humanities
At U.C. Santa Barbara’s Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL) conference in May, Fresno State Linguistics Department faculty and students (current and former) dominated the program, delivering 10 of the 36 talks.
“We took over that conference. It was awesome,” said Department Chair Brian Agbayani.
Titles of the talks from Fresno State presenters included:
Presenting research at the annual WAIL conference is just one component of crucial research being done by Linguistics Department faculty and students to help preserve endangered native languages, both here and in other parts of the United States.
Faculty members Drs. Chris Golston, Niken Adisasmito-Smith and Brian Agbayani have been working since 2009 …