HOUSTON – Because the Houston Astros won the World Series this season, patrons of a Houston furniture store are sleeping easier.
Gallery Furniture is paying off on a wager it made with customers, KTRK reported. This year, the company bet that if the Astros won the World Series, customers who spent at least $3,000 on mattresses would receive a full refund.
The losing bet cost Gallery Furniture owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale $10 million in refunds, but he said the promotion was worth it, KTRK reported
had to refund $10 million, he said the promotion was worth it.
Gallery Furniture began issuing refund checks Sunday night, and the line wrapped around the store, KTRK reported.
The refunds will go a long way toward helping some Astros fans who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey in August.
“I’m going to buy new furniture, a new couch because we had to throw everything out,” Thelma Rosenberg told KTRK.
During the hurricane and …