Brad Pitt was one of the only men in Hollywood to confront Harvey Weinstein after hearing that Weinstein had allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward his young love interest. It was back in the 1990s before Pitt blossomed into the major star he is today, revealed a source.
According to People Magazine, this source said Brad Pitt got wind of Weinstein allegedly sexually harassing Gwyneth Paltrow right around the time she was just hired by Weinstein for the lead role in Emma. She said Weinstein made unwanted sexual advances toward her in a hotel room. Paltrow was only 22 at the time.
Pitt was taking a chance as far as his career goes, suggests this source, as he wasn’t a big star at the time in Hollywood. He took that chance and history indicates it didn’t seem to hold him back.
Pitt went on to later work with Weinstein in the movie Inglourious …