Two hero army dogshave been rescued from a lethal injection after outcry from former soldiers who worked with the dogs sparked a nationwide campaign.
Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan, who is a dog lover, was outraged by the fact that three dogs, who saved thousands of lives while serving with the army, were due to be put down because a suitable home could not be found for them.
Former handlers were heartbroken, offering to look after Belgian shepherds Kevin and Dazz, who sniffed out IEDs in Afghanistan, and military dog Driver, who has now also been saved.
However, chiefs ruled they could not be rehomed safely, condemning the service animals to death.
Experienced handlers offered to take the dogs, but apparently were rebuffed.
One told the Sun: “People who worked closely with these dogs are devastated at the plans — they’ve begged to save them all.
Sir Alan Duncan campaigned for the animals, writing to Ministry of Defence …