A woman taken from her mother as a newborn in Argentina has been reunited with her relatives by campaign group Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo.
Adriana, 40, who asked not to have her surname released, was identified after she took a DNA test.
Her DNA matched those of relatives of her parents, who disappeared under Argentina’s military rule.
Adriana is the 126th child found by the Grandmothers, who campaign for victims of the “Dirty War”.
Speaking at a news conference, Adriana said that when the couple who had brought her up died, she was told by someone that she was not their biological child.
“I found out on a Saturday and on the Monday I had already gone to the Grandmothers, I wanted to know if I was the daughter of people who had disappeared, more than anything because of my date of birth,” she said referring to the hundreds of children …