Almost everyone has seen the movie, Titanic. It’s the movie that shot Leonardo Dicaprio to fame, together with Kate Winslet. While Jack and Rose were the stars of the film, there is one scene that nobody can forget. It’s of the elderly couple who died on the Titanic while laying on their bed, holding on another tight, as floodwaters swirl all around them.
In the movie, Jack gave us his life for Rose. They were young, had only just met and were in love. Rose was a First Class passenger, Jack was not. Rose refused to leave without Jack but he made her go. Jack saved her life. We all know this story. Here is another equally touching story that happened in the same iconic ship.
The elderly couple who died in the Titanic has a different story. This couple was based on the true-life story of Isidora and Ida Straus who had spent …