It was a regular afternoon for Blake Milliken — until he suddenly became a hero.
He thought he was going to the soccer fields to kick a ball around with some of his friends, but his day turned out to be much more than that. Once he got there, he discovered something struggling inside a soccer net, all tangled up.
As he got closer, Blake realized it was a frightened owl in need of a helping hand.
So, the brave teen whipped out a small knife he happened to have in his pocket and got to work.
In the video below, posted on November 28, 2017, we see the entangled mess Blake found that day.
The large owl is trapped inside the soccer net and can’t seem to find any relief.
Blake explains, “He nicked my hand,” adding, “I didn’t panic. I just stayed calm and waited until he let go, and went on cutting away at the net.”
Soon, Blake’s …