CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — Writing a letter to Santa is a time old tradition. But, one little boy told the jolly toymaker he doesn’t want any presents this year.
6-year-old Chance has always had a huge heart, his mom Elizabeth Teckenbrock said.
After Christmas decorations went up this year, Chance went to school so excited to share a story about his favorite holiday toy, “Elf on the Shelf.”
When he told his classmates about the fan favorite Christmas item, he was surprised to learn some of his friends didn’t have a little elf.
Chance then assumed Santa wasn’t able to bring his school buddies presents because they didn’t have the toy.
“I know some people don’t have money to get toys,” Chance maturely told his mom. But he was determined to solve that problem.
In his generous letter to Santa, Chance made it clear he has plenty to keep him happy and wants others to feel joy as well this holiday season.
Chance’s …