In light of hurricanes, attacks, and other disasters this year, Google has provided aid through donations and employee matching initiatives. In 2017, employees and the philanthropic arm gave $260 million to nonprofits.
A blog post released today recaps their various campaigns during the year. Donations were centered around education, economic opportunity, and inclusion, as well as other efforts to support disaster relief campaigns for fires, floods, and hurricanes.
In terms of Crisis Response and the Gift Match program (up to $6,000 per employee), $97 million was donated to natural disaster aid around the globe. Over $20 million went towards efforts in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Florida, Houston, South Asia.
Meanwhile, Googlers volunteered their time to restore connectivity in Puerto Rico, including efforts through Project Loon. In total, employees volunteered 220,000 hours of time and expertise in 2017.
Most recently, Sundar Pichai announced that the company is committing $500,000 to support relief efforts for the ongoing Southern …