(WFLA) – When a Colorado baby was born prematurely, a local police force sprang into action and formed a “cuddle watch” to help look over him, according to TODAY.
Axle Winch came into the world with health problems that may have left him blind, deaf and with skeletal problems. He weighed only two pounds and 12 ounces. His family was told he might not make it.
“There were many times we didn’t think he was going to live. He would die in our arms and the nurses would scramble to revive him,” his father, Adam, 45, told TODAY.
Axel spent a week in the neonatal intensive care unit in Grand Junction, Colorado, before he was airlifted, with his mother Melissa, 38, almost 200 miles to Aurora, Colorado.
In Aurora, the newborn underwent multiple surgeries to help his underdeveloped lungs and brain.
Melissa, a uniformed police officer, and Adam, a former police officer, took extra time …