It is an incredible tale with a miraculous ending.
Trevor Koenig knew something was wrong when his wife of 33 years didn’t come home on Monday evening.
“I thought something must have happened, maybe car trouble,” he said.
The Vernon man tried calling his wife Caroline on her phone but quickly realized she had forgotten it at home.
He knew he had to go looking for her.
“I just thought, you know what, this story doesn’t end with her being by herself,” he told Global News.
While Koenig had no idea where his wife went, what he did know is she would sometimes go for a drive along Highway 6 so that’s where he headed.
“I just drove 50 kilometres an hour with my high beams on close to the shoulder and watched the shoulder the whole way for any highway tracks,” he said.
After driving about 150 kilometres, he noticed tire tracks in the …